Common Questions

About Payson, Arizona.

Is Payson, AZ a good place to live?

The short answer? Yes! The long answer? Imagine getting to live in a charming home town nestled in the heart of Arizona, surrounded by lakes, pine trees, fresh air, small businesses, and the best special event line-up in Arizona. We think that should answer it for you.

What is Payson, AZ known for?

Payson, AZ is known for breathtaking sunsets, being home to Green Valley Park, camping, hiking, small businesses, and the best event line-up in rural Arizona.

How much snow does Payson get?

Payson gets an average of 15-25” of snow each year, most often between November and April. Like anywhere else, the snowfall can fluctuate depending on numerous factors. (Data from US Climate Data)

How far is Payson, AZ from Phoenix AZ?

Payson is a lovely 90-minute cruise from the heart of Phoenix, Arizona.

How far is Sedona from Payson?

Payson is a scenic drive from Sedona, totaling about 1 hour and 45 minutes.

How far is Payson from Flagstaff?

Payson is a gorgeous 1 hour and 40 minute drive from Flagstaff.

What is there to do in Payson, AZ today?

Payson, Arizona has a lot of fun activites happening all the time! There are also plenty of hiking, biking, dining, and shopping options available every day. For a list of all upcoming events visit

What is the population of Payson, Arizona?

As of the last count in 2018, the population of Payson is roughly 15,700.

How much rain does Payson, AZ get a year?

Payson gets approximately 22” of rain every year, according to US Climate Data.

What is the population of Payson, Arizona?

As of the last count in 2018, the population of Payson is roughly 15,700.

Is Payson, Arizona a good place to retire?

With a median age of 58 (in 2017) for residents living in Payson, and plenty of activities like golf, birdwatching, and an active Senior Center, retirees love Payson. Visitors often tell us, “When I retire, I want to move to Payson”. So don’t just take it from us!

What is the cost of living in Payson, AZ?

The average household income in Payson, Arizona was $46,602. In the same year, the average property value was $213,600. Both numbers via the Census Bureau.

Is Payson, AZ Safe?

Payson is below the national average for major crime statistics in 2019 according to Town of Payson Police Department and Uniform Crime Reporting. You can find more information at

Is Payson dog-friendly?

We love dogs here in Payson! Multiple restaurants have dog-friendly patios, and there is a popular off-leash dog park located in Rumsey Park. If walking on trails or in public places, please just be sure that your furry friend remains on a leash.

Where is the Mogollon Rim?

The Mogollon Rim is located along Forest Road 300, accessible via a 40-minute drive East of Payson on Highway 260, or a 25-minute drive North of Payson on Highway 87. Though a bit further drive, travelers prefer the views from via the East access point. The views are sure to take your breath away no matter which way you travel.

How far is the Grand Canyon from Payson?

The Grand Canyon National Park South Rim Visitor’s Center is a scenic and enjoyable 3 hour drive North from Payson.

What is the crime rate in Payson AZ?

The Town of Payson Police Department releases crime statistics every year, allowing residents and visitors access to information about their community. In 2019, there were:
0 homicides (0 per 100,000 residents)
1 rape (6.6 per 100,000 residents)
8 robberies (53.28 per 100,000 residents)
61 burglaries (406.27 per 100,000 residents)

Each of these numbers are below several surrounding Arizona cities’ averages, according to FBI.GOV. They are also below the national average per 100,000 residents according to Uniform Crime Reporting.



Phone | (928) 472-5110
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Phone | (928) 472-5110
1000 W. Country Club Dr.
Payson, AZ 85541

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