Eric & Cathy Chesky

Visiting from St. Helena, California


Outdoor Adventure

“Surrounded by the Tonto National Forest and the Mogollon Rim to the north, there are a plethora of outdoor activities to include hiking, trail running, mountain biking, road biking and fishing. We of course took advantage of all the above. Our mountain biking at the Boulders Trail was jaw dropping. A perfect weather day set the stage and the dramatic boulders intermixed with the predominant pine national forest made for a lifetime of memories. Let’s call it as it is – just the right amount of challenge on the upper end of the scale with incomparable beauty that any adventure athlete salivates for.

There are two fantastic road rides if you’re not looking for super long mileage. The ride north to Whispering Pines is a climbing roller (both ways) with incredible scenery and very little traffic. A quick 25 miler that jump starts the day with amazing views of the Mogollon Rim and Tonto National Forest. You can also attack Doll Baby Ranch Road either as an add-on to the Whispering Pines road ride or as a standalone ride by simply heading east of town – downhill out and a challenging climb back to town.

Fly fishing at Green Valley Park Lake exceeded our expectations. The lake is just absolutely beautiful – not only for the fly fishing but just to relax and enjoy the sunrise or sunset and just be.”

Local Flavor

“Fargo’s Steakhouse is the preferred local (and visitor) iconic restaurant. Mouth watering steaks and seafood mix well with their innovative spirits menu in a warm, western lodge-like atmosphere. The the amazing staff was extremely well-trained, professional and friendly.

Ayothaya Thai Café was a welcome lunch respite with flavorful Asian options and quite the popular place. It was a bit unassuming but don’t let that fool you. The food and service were absolutely incredible.

A beautiful 15 mile drive to the north takes you to Pine, AZ where there are most interesting indigenous indoor/outdoor shops – one of which has some of the finest hand-crafted furniture made of mesquite and juniper that you’ll find anywhere. When you’re done walking the “Pine Strip,” you can land at the Old County Inn on the southern end of town. It’s so popular that you have to put your name on the list early or you may be waiting a while. That being said, it’s not too painful, as they have two bars who take care of you to the nth degree while you wait.

As Farmer’s Markets go, this was another smash hit! Plenty of unique food vendors, local artisans, and some extra cool tees that are screened on the spot. Of course, we couldn’t pass them up as we’ll be sporting them back home dreaming of being in Payson.”



“Arizona is one of the most diverse and attractive states in our country and Payson is the ‘hidden gem’ mountain town.”

People & Enviornment

”Arizona is one of the most diverse and attractive states in our country and Payson is the ‘hidden gem’ mountain town. Once you visit you don’t want to leave. It has a natural allure due to its topography, weather and culture creating the ‘perfect storm’. The perfect storm in this case means a highly desirable locale that continually draws you in. Innervating, yet soothing. Adventurous, yet relaxing. Active, yet mindful. And the people, they are wholly committed to the Payson lifestyle and proud of it. Many people have just picked up and moved here because they instantly fall in love with Payson – and then never look back. Friendly, genuine and engaging. Constantly seeking a higher quality of life. The locals “live large” and take full advantage of the Payson great outdoors.”

“Once you visit you don’t want to leave.”


”The Romance Cottage on Historic Main Street was a wonderful taste of living like a local. It has great views, space, character, history and a sun-room overlooking the valley that can’t be found just anywhere.

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“Fly fishing at Green Valley Park Lake exceeded our expectations.”



Phone | (928) 472-5110
1000 W. Country Club Dr.
Payson, AZ 85541
Phone | (928) 472-5110
1000 W. Country Club Dr.
Payson, AZ 85541

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