Salome Trails

The Salome Wilderness was established in 1984 and contains approximately 18,530 acres, with a major canyon running practically its entire length. The upper reaches of Salome Creek and Workman Creek are small perennial streams snaking their way through the bottom of this scenic canyon. Pools of water can be found nearly all year. Cross-country travel is very difficult.

Elevations range from 2,600 feet at the lower end of Salome Creek to 6,500 feet on Hopkins Mountain. Spring and fall are ideal times to visit this area; however, trails are rare and access to the wilderness is limited.

A group size of no more than 15 people and no more than 15 head of pack or saddle animals of any type is enforced within this wilderness year-round.

A Recreation Opportunity Guide (11 pages) is available from the Pleasant Valley Ranger Station. (Tonto National Forest)

Jug Trail #61

Length: 3.0

More Difficult – This route was an old jeep road. It winds along the ridges south of Salome Mountain steadily descending towards Salome creek where it dead-ends. The southern boundary of the Wilderness is adjacent to this trail.

Boyer Trail #148

Length: 5.0 

More Difficult – The trail follows Boyer Creek, steadily climbing through chaparral and semi-desert grassland. It tops out, which follows the bluffs above Salome creek, eventually meeting with Hell’s Hole Trail 284

Hell's Hole Trail #284

Length: 5.3

MOST Difficult – Approximately one mile from Reynolds Trailhead, the trail passes near private property; please respect the rights of the property owner, and do not trespass. Travelers will go through pine forest and chaparral to a riparian area of sycamore and cottonwood

Information on this page is referenced from the Tonto National Forest Service.

To view additional information from the Forest Service, click here.



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